Marketing strategies that enable social enterprise, charity & not-for-profit organisations to better realise the missions they passionately believe in.

We share your vision for a better society. And if there’s a marketing strategy in place, it can be achieved. We’ve seen social enterprise, charity and not-for-profit organisations bring about life-changing outcomes that resonate far into the future. With our help to refocus on critical goals and values, and build a measurable marketing plan for implementation, the impact of your important work will hit where you most need it to. And if you want to know where the greatest results can be made with the resources you have, we can tell you.

We’re not a big agency; in fact one experienced professional and a group of associates, knowledgeable about social enterprise and marketing mechanics who you can talk to direct. So our fees are not big either; but what you’ll be left with will be the resources to realise your vision.


Strategic marketing

Set objectives that link to your mission and values,
planning marketing activity that
wholly supports these

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Half a day for us to talk to you about
your organisation’s goals and the work
you are doing to achieve them

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Marketing mentoring
and implementation support

When resource is an issue,
go for a sustainable approach that
invests in your future and your people

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Lets Talk


Let’s Talk

We love to talk, so choose any method you like. Phone 07743 391771 email or get hold of us on social media